Directions for Use

1. The ideal place for hanging your freshener is on your rearview mirror. You an everyone else can clearly appreciate the beauty of your commuter art. We do not recommend hanging it anywhere it may come in contact with a sensitive surface in your car for an extended period of time.

2. For full strength, remove freshener entirely from clear packaging and hang on rearview mirror. 

3. To extend the duration of the scent, cut a corner on the clear packaging and stash in a ventilated area. When you start to notice that the scent losing its strength, remove entirely from the package and hang on your rearview mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does "Fúchila" mean!?

Fü•chee•lä (noun) : phrase used when something is smelly or off-putting usually olfactory-related.
"Fúchila," exclaimed Orlando, " your car smells like nalgas?"

2. Why the name "Fúchila"?

Because of my weird sense of humor, I am always coming up with funny names for fake products. Most ideas I just laugh away, but a freshener named Fúchila was too good to pass up. I couldn’t say it without cracking a smile.

3. How long before I get my order in hand?

We are literally a "small business" with a grand total of 2 people doing everything. On average, it can take from 5-9 days to have your order in hand. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

4. Where are you based?

South Bay Area of California.

5. Where can I buy Fúchila Fresheners?

The easiest way is here on our site! We also have a growing number of shops who carry our products. Locations. We are always looking to grow the wholesale side of our business. If you are interested in carrying our product in your store please fill out this wholesale form.

6. Where can we find you on social media?

7. What do they smell like?

Read the description on each design page. Each freshener has a different scent. I try to pair the design with the scent that fits the icon's history, character, or color the best. We are not developing customs scents at this time, but are working with what we got. Buy Fúchila.

8. My nose is pretty sensitive, are your scents really strong. Are they all-natural?

Our current scents are not all-natural and are quite strong. Great for odors, but not necessarily great for sensitive noses. Try opening a new package outside of the car a couple hours before your next drive. You can also try putting a new freshener in the glove compartment or under the seat for a day or two before placing it proudly on your rear view mirror. Let us know what works for you.

9. What are your fresheners made out of? What is the environmental impact?

We proudly manufacture our air fresheners in the USA. Our manufacturer uses recycled paper as well as eco-friendly inks that contain no metals. Please do your part by recycling the card, shipping envelope, and box as well. You can also repurpose our Fúchila Fresheners as art pieces, decorations, ornaments, drink coasters etc. Send us a picture if you make something cool. We would love to see it!

10. What is the Fúchila Familia Fund?

As the newly formed #FuchilaFamilia, we have the responsibility to support those with greater needs than ourselves. 100% of the proceeds donated by us all will be put towards a bi-annual scholarship supporting young, aspiring entrepreneurs (between the ages of 12 and 19) with business development and start up costs. Too many times money is the only barrier to developing creativity. Let's do our part. Vamos! Donate.