A Chicano & Latino pop culture line of mobile scented art.

Spanish Translation:

Fü•chee•lä (noun) : phrase used when something is smelly or off-putting usually olfactory-related.
"Fúchila," exclaimed Orlando, " did you just take your shoes off!?"


1. Make people happy
2. Spread and represent our cultura with pride
3. Respect the art and design


 We seek to spread and represent the Chicano and Latino cultura with pride by providing an inviting and unique way to consume art on a daily basis. By pairing attractive designs with the power of scent, one of the strongest senses linked to memory, we aim to tap into the nostalgia of the iconic imagery and icons of our raza. We will focus on high-quality design so consumers will hang the scented art pieces with orgullo long after the scent has faded and ultimately re-purpose the air fresheners. We intend to make our consumers’ otherwise bland commute more enjoyable.

My Story: 

Órale! Let me tell you how this all came about. 

One day, I pulled up to a light and I realized that everyone around me had the same feo “little green trees” on their rear-view mirrors. What you hang from your mirror says a lot about you. That is why I started Fúchila Fresheners. I designed a line of air fresheners that not only look and smell great, but you can hang with orgullo from your mirror (even long after the smell has faded). No gas station air fresheners ni que nada!

I typically portray the actors, musicians, comedians and historical figures that I grew up idolizing. It isn't a secret that I'm Chicano or Mexican-Americanbut I designed Fúchila Fresheners for all people. 

Welcome to the #FuchilaFamilia!

Con Amor,

Fúchila Familia Fund

100% of the donations received will go towards an annual scholarships supporting young, aspiring entrepreneurs (ages 12-19) with business development and start up costs. 

Donate $25 or more and receive a FREE Fúchila Freshener as a thank you from us!