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San José, Calacafornia Poster

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Limited Edition, glossy 18"X24" Poster.

The design is composed of 3 parts dictated by 3 nicknames/titles El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe has had over the years. These 3 parts join together to form a calavera, a traditional symbol of the Dia de Los Muertos celebration. 

1. The Valley of Heart's Delight. (Mostly top right) This name was given to San Jose in the agricultural era during which it was known for all the wonderful and fruitful orchards. From apricots to prunes and grapes, the valley was an amazing place held up by the hard work of immigrant and blue collar workers. The grass root movements that evolved from the Bay Area and beyond like the UFW (Co Founded by Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez) and Teatro Campesino (Luis Valdez, founder, attended SJSU and continued on to write/direct renowned plays like Zoot Suit ) continue to have an impact on our city and beyond to this very day. 

2. The Capital of the Silicon Valley (top left) Industry and innovation has always been central to the success of our city. From astronomy and education to aviation and tech, San Jose, founded in 1777 as the first pueblo of California, has left quite an imprint on many present day industries. San Jose was and continues to be at the Capital of the Silicon Valley, a title and place many around the world flock to see. Mt. Hamilton, or La Sierra de Santa Isabel, is home to the Lick Observatory and not only watches over San Jose, but frames the beautiful California sun day in and day out. 

3.Lowrider Capital of the World. (Bottom section) San Jose, Califas is one of the most renown lowrider capitals of the world. Along with Los Angeles, San Jose, more specifically the intersection at Story and King, is at the the epicenter of the counter-culture. Pachucos or Zuit Suiters began customizing American cars focused on looks, class and style while their Anglo counterparts cared only for speed and power. San Jose lowriders were attracted to a style counter that of the dominant Anglo one and adopted a motto "low and slow" taking their time cruising in a tradition that can be traced backed to the Atzlan Empire. 

Do you know the way to San Jose? However you decide to get here, be sure to take your time... low and slow.

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