Fúchi Mexico City Trip 2019

We had such an incredible time exploring CDMX last month. It was great to show our children the beauty and culture of Mexico. Of course, the food was amaaazing. We are already dreaming of our next trip! The architecture, vibrant colors, and people left us so inspired to come back and CREATE!


We had a glorious time strolling around the city viewing the unique architect and art that is all around.


One of the highlights of the trip was making the trip out to Teotihuacan to climb the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon! The civilization dates back to the 1st and 7th Century A.D. and archeologists are still unsure who built it. The Aztecs inhabited the area around the 1400s and named it "the place where the gods were created." It was such a special site and sacred land to walk on.

Our daughter, Luna, embracing her inner Jaguar. Of course, I had to bust out the Lion King move.


Welcome to Xochimilco


Another favorite: we took a boat ride on the canals of Xochimilco. The colorful boats are endless! There are boats with mariachi bands and Mexican snacks galore, perfect for taking in the scenery.


The trip would not be complete without visiting the famous Casa Azul of Frida and Diego. We even left some Frida Fresheners as gifts.

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 6.24.44 AM.png

It was such an incredible and unforgettable family trip. Everyone should go enjoy the culture and rich history of the capital of Mexico! Adios Mexico, until next time.