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@MexiconsArt Makes Technicolored Magic!

Limited edition ARTE Collectors Series air fresheners "La Vecindad" by San Diego resident Haydee Yanez of Mexicons features 3 lovable characters from El Chavo del Ocho: Kiko, Chilindrina, and or course El Chavo.

For the record, we have been HUGE fans of Mexicons for a very long time. When we finally met Haydee, we fell in love and knew we needed to collaborate with this genius!  The idea of portraying characters from the ol' neighborhood in her iconic, radiant style felt so right! 

Born in Nayarit, Mexico, Haydee Yanez of Mexicons Art is aGraphic Designer nostalgic for Mexican imagery from the Technicolor Era where the colors sing and the magic pops! Haydee currently resides in San Diego, CA as a working artist and maker. 

ARTE Collectors Series  "La Vecindad" includes:

El Chavito: Menta (mint)
Kiko Jr.: Fresa (strawberry)
La Chilindrincita: Ceresa (cherry)

Also Included: matching vinyl stickers and handwritten thank you note from Haydee!