Former Apple Designer and San Jose artist launches design-driven air freshener line

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ruben Dario Villa
Founder & Creator // @RDVious

SANTA CLARA, CALIF.  – Ruben Dario Villa, a former Apple designer and San Jose artist launched a brand-new line of design-focused, pop-culture inspired and Chicano-driven air fresheners – Fúchila Fresheners.

“Fúchila” is an endearing Spanish term describing something off-putting with a foul smell. Villa was inspired to create this new line of fresheners with one primary goal in mind – to combine the olfactory sense and beautiful design to bring to life the iconic figures we grew up with and with them the found memories of our childhood. In short, Villa wants to make people happy.

“One day, I pulled up to a light and realized everyone around me had the same ‘little green trees’ on their rear-view mirrors,” says Villa, a Santa Clara University graduate. “What you hang from your mirror says a lot about you. That day I realized I hadn't found quite the right thing to represent me. We need something better, something inspiring – and beautiful. That is why I started Fúchila Fresheners.”

Villa launched his project on Kickstarter last week and has already gained strong traction from friends and strangers, moving well on his way to reaching his short-term goal of raising $2,500 to officially launch production on Fúchila Fresheners. They were even featured as a Kickstarter Staff Pick and New and Noteworthy.

You can view the Kickstarter project page here:

On the page, Villa has provided many samples of the designs he hopes to produce should he receive enough funding, such as compositions modeled after historical figures Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa, Cantinflas and Blue Demon as well as iconic imagery like sugar skulls among others.


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