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LIMITED: Sad Girl & Mousie

10.00 15.00

Mi Vida Loca // Sad Girl & Mousie (2-set)

Scent: Sad Girl: Brown Sugar | Mousie: Strawberry

We are dropping some firme 90’s chola vibes in collaboration with Living Firme in honor of Mi Vida Loca’s 25th anniversary. The iconic movie was groundbreaking in its portrayal of street life featuring strong female leads, Sad Girl and Mousie, who were forced to grow up quick and lean on each other for support. Get yourself a piece of scented history before they run out.

Living Firme is a lifestyle brand that is fueled by the desire to unify community, stimulate economy and celebrate culture. We are a small business, literally started by a couple of homegirls dedicated to doing good in the hood. As an event production company, we specialize in urban pop-ups that mashup swap meets, crafts fairs and old school house parties. We host business networking and empowerment workshops that support the Latinx community. Of course we have a tiendita. We sell locally sourced, branded items like t-shirts, baseball caps and tote bags. We work hard, love what we do and truly believe there is always enough of what’s good, to go around.

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