El Cuerno


Scent: Warm Sugar

Enjoy one of the classic staples in the pan dulce "sweet bread" familia! El Cuerno, meaning the horn, usually comes in three colors: pink, yellow and white. They are all equally as sweet and delicious. Everyone has their favorites, but try not to take a bite of this cuerno!

Pan Dulce / Sweet Bread History:
Baking bread was not originally indigenous to Mexico. Wheat was brought over by the Spaniards during the conquest. The Spanish taught the indigenous people how to bake using wheat because they believed it was the only acceptable grain for making Catholic communion wafers. The first Mexican bakeries opened in the 1520's and were not very popular. With the addition of French baking techniques, Mexican bakers are considered among the most inventive in the world. In Mexico today, there are an estimated 500-2,000 different types of breads produced. It is safe to say we have plenty of Fúchila Fresheners inspiration!


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